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Happiness is stored in a small box. (Rather than a large one.)
What should I do? (Something should be done.)
11 09 20 - pass it on
Gundam 00 - Setsuna [ice]

I promise I don't bite. ♥
I love new friends, I just like my privacy as well.
Fandom buddies always welcome!
02 16 19 - Still trucking
Eden of the East - Akira&Saki [carousel]
Just a quick update to make sure my account remains mine forever 💖
Code Geass - Lelouch [recumbent]
Just a stupid unnecessary heads up that I'm still alive and kicking. I'm much much more active on my tumblr shellimouto and my twitter of the same name.

Umm, big basics being I'm 25 now. I've got the world's most amazing boyfriend, my perfect Michael, who I've been dating for what will be two years in March, I've FINALLY moved away from my family's toxic influence, started supporting myself and attending regular therapy, aaaand I quit smoking?? idk I don't have a good one to end on there lol


My boyfriend and I are fucking adorable, just btw.

Man I miss lj, it was a much better thought receptacle than tumblr ever could be.

Anyways, yeah! I doubt anyone still hangs around here who would read this, but for my own edification I wanted to post a little something. Remind myself of how far I've come at the very least. :]
01 04 12(no subject)
La Roux - Elly [profile]
I don't even really use this much anymore, but I just bought myself that Sherlock userhead in the hopes that it will lure me back home.

Because yeah. From Homestuck to Sherlock, I can't ignore any fandom's siren call.
07 19 11(no subject)
DC Comics - Booster [fly]
So I know it's been a while, but I have a quick question!

Who here is going to comic con?

I'm going to be down there, but it's just me and my parents this year, so I could really use some buddies to hang out with. :'C I'm bringing my Mary Marvel cosplay, but I'm honestly a bit too shy to wear it on my own there.
05 08 11(no subject)
Homestuck - Mom [gun]
Livestreaming again tonight~

working on thisss

stop on in? I'd love to see anyone, it's kind of a ghost town ;A;
02 27 11(no subject)
Eden of the East - Akira&Saki [carousel]
12 12 10(no subject)
Eden of the East - Akira&Saki [carousel]
Drunk as a stump. I know that's what you're supposed to do when you're 21, but I still can't help feeling oddly guilty about it.)

Typing is far more interesting when you're tipsy.

So yeah, in bed and typing like a total goon. Went to Icehouse with James and Sue for his 22nd and for once I'm NOT the drunk bitch that had to be carried into my house. Hellyessss. I played some pool with a kid from freshman ROTC and watch a biker gang dance to a Creed cover band, so I'll say, all in all, good night.

10 28 10 - Halloweeeeeen
Eden of the East - Akira&Saki [carousel]

Who doesn't love pumpkins? Who doesn't love dethklok pumpkins? :D

Pictures!Collapse )

Eden of the East - Akira&Saki [carousel]
Browsing wiki, found this

James Norrington appears in the book, Jack Sparrow: 10 - Sins of the Father. When he is about five or six years old, he trails after his father, Admiral Lawrence Norrington, who commands a Royal Navy ship. When young James falls overboard, the pirate, Captain Teague, (Jack Sparrow's father) jumps in and saves him. Admiral Norrington admonishes James for being indebted to a pirate, saying he would rather his son had drowned.

That's the saddest thing I've ever read! At least now we know why he hates Jack so much XD
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